Sustainability is the core ethos of Coves operations. It is essential for communities and businesses to analyse their environmental impacts and find ways they can reduce their environmental footprint.


Every Cove garment is made from repurposed clothing helping to save water, reduce landfill waste and pollution and promote recycling. Cove is even aiming towards a zero-waste production process.


For all printing, Permaset ink is used. It's a certified eco-friendly water based ink that provides strong colour and durability.


Permaset ink contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, volatile solvents or heavy metals like lead. They can even be used on baby clothing.

Giving back

Cove supports environmental efforts nationwide by donating to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) who work in a variety of areas including marine park establishement, plastic waste removal and environmental law reform.


With every purchase you, a one dollar donation is given to the AMCS.

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